Which movie will win the Oscar for Best Picture?

The Oscars are a great opportunity to celebrate the art and creativity of film, but there are always a few movies that stand out.

In this week’s awards, which movies will take home the gold, which ones will dominate the awards and who will win?

We’ve selected 10 movies that you need to know about and check out below.1.

The Hurt Locker (Tom Hanks)The movie that started it all for Tom Hanks has finally landed in the big time.

He’s earned a huge audience, and his acting chops are so impressive that many are calling him the best actor in the world.

The director’s first film, the 2003 drama The HurtLocker, earned Hanks an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, but the best part of the Oscar was probably his performance as an alcoholic father who tries to make things right with his teenage son.

His portrayal of the grieving father is as much about family as it is about the family, and this film is a reminder that all of us are more than our own children.2.

The Wrestler (Roman Polanski)Roman Polanksi is a master of the cinematic drama.

In his movies, he can often be seen standing tall and holding his fists above his head, or he can look like he’s waiting for the world to end.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously, either.

His career has taken off because of his unapologetic, often provocative and often poignant performances.

His last movie, The Wrestlers, won the 2015 Venice Film Festival and Polanski has been nominated for nine Oscars in his career.

He will probably be nominated again this year, but it would be a shame to miss out on this one.3.

The Master (Richard Linklater)Richard Linkback is an accomplished director, producer and writer who has been making movies since the early ’70s.

His movies are rooted in history and often feature characters from real history, and he uses them as a lens for a new story, even when he’s trying to tell it in a way that’s not a historical account.

In Linklater’s recent movie, the story of the U.S. Army medic who survived World War II is told through the lives of some of the people who risked their lives to save them.4.

The Artist (Vittorio De Sica)The best director in Hollywood may be Vittorio de Sica.

He is a filmmaker who has made films about love, power and powerlessness.

He also happens to be a genius at telling beautiful stories.

His recent movie The Artist, a romantic comedy about two young lovers in a small New York City apartment, won best picture at the 2016 Venice Film festival.5.

Inception (Brad Bird)One of the most underrated directors of all time is Brad Bird.

He has been a master at making movies that are visually arresting and moving, and Inception is one of the best films he’s ever made.

Bird has a particular passion for the work of Robert Zemeckis and Michael Crichton, and the story is one that is often about the search for meaning.6.

The Dark Knight (Michael Keaton)Michael Keats’ performance as the Joker in the movie The Dark Night won him a Golden Globe nomination, but his performance in the 1999 crime drama The Killing of Sean Bell in which he played the role of John Wayne was an even bigger hit.

Keats plays the role brilliantly, and is an all-around amazing actor.7.

The Matrix (Hideo Nakata)The Matrix trilogy is considered one of film’s greatest stories.

It tells us what happens when technology becomes too powerful, and how we must learn to use it to solve our problems.

But it also tells us something about how people should relate to technology.

Nakata has had a big impact on film and television, and has had to adapt many of his ideas to fit into his own world.

He often turns his characters into the machines we use to live our lives.8.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (Himself)The life of an underwater diver is full of wonder and danger.

And the one thing that really separates the real world from the film is the use of prosthetics.

Steve Zisou is a former Navy SEAL who lost his left leg when a diving board he was on was hit by a shark.

In the life-threatening situation, he was able to use his prosthetics to become a living sculpture of his own body.9.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Zac Efron)Zac was a teenage girl who was abducted and tortured by the Joker.

When her captors escaped with her, she escaped with the help of a ninja who taught her how to fight with her own ninja-like skills.

Her powers of stealth and stealthy ninjutsu were put to use to fight the Joker, and she ended up in a life-or-death battle with him.10.

La La Land (

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