Which movie is the best animated movie on Netflix?

When it comes to Netflix, there’s nothing quite like watching a movie in the comfort of your own home, but there are some movies that are simply better with a little more space.

Here are 10 movies you can watch in the home on your favorite Netflix streaming service.1.

Elf Movie: The Movie—The Story of the Hobbit by Peter Jackson and Peter Jackson’s grandson—A Hobbit-inspired movie with a special Elf-themed theme, Elf is a must-watch for all fans of the book series.2.

The Big Lebowski—The Lebows Comedy—The Big Lebs comedic debut—The Comedy’s first movie to be released online and available on Netflix.3.

The LEGO Movie—An all-new LEGO adventure, this film takes you on a journey of discovery and discovery of what’s inside your home.4.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2—The first movie with the iconic villain, Electro, and his super-speed-powered webslinger, Electro’s Web Warriors, in the Spider-man universe.5.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron—A new Avengers adventure with the Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.6.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi—The third installment in the Star Wars franchise, which also includes Star Wars Episode VIII, Star Wars Rogue One, and Star Wars Battlefront II.7.

Thor: Ragnarok—The new Thor movie will be released in theaters on November 3.8.

The Lego Movie—A fun, fast-paced Lego movie, with plenty of characters and scenes to enjoy.9.

Disney XD’s Disney XD Family Show—Watch this hilarious comedy show on Disney XD, available for streaming on the app.10.

The Secret Life of Pets—Watch the movie for free on the App Store and Google Play!

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