What’s happening in the world of free movies in the UK?

The UK has become the latest country to join a growing list of countries including Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Indonesia and South Korea in making movies available for free, with the aim of creating a new model for the future.

The move is part of a wider strategy of the movie industry to bring more movies to audiences, in a bid to avoid the pitfalls of piracy and to help to encourage innovation and economic growth in a globalised world.

It comes as the UK government announced plans to introduce a new £6.5bn “Digital Economy Strategy” which aims to make the UK the world’s most digital country.

The government has pledged to spend £9bn on digital infrastructure and the launch of a new digital strategy to help develop a new industry to support digital innovation.

The strategy aims to create “a new kind of global economic force” by “promoting the economic and social value of digital media, including the value of content and the services provided by digital platforms”.

This includes supporting the “digital economy, where businesses can invest in innovative new ways of doing business and supporting innovative digital content”.

The government’s digital strategy has also set out how it will work with the “internet of things” (IoT), to create a “world-class digital infrastructure” and provide “a world-class entertainment sector”.

The strategy also said it would “reduce the regulatory burden on the industry” and will “make it easier for UK companies to create new businesses in the sector”.

It is the latest move in the country’s drive to make movies available to the public for free.

In 2016, the government pledged to make films available for a maximum of 30 days in the summer, but this is the first time it has taken that to a national level.

Currently, the only films that are available for public viewing in the U.K. are those from the major studios.

However, the move comes amid a growing number of countries across the world to offer a limited amount of free or low-cost content, such as those from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

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