What to watch for during the U.S. Election: Free, pirn or pirn?

The presidential election is still a month away and the race to become the next U.N. Security Council secretary is underway, and the battle for free movie and television is expected to be one of the major topics.

The United States and China, two of the world’s two biggest film markets, have already been sparring over the content they should offer, with the U-N.

demanding the removal of any content that they say is “counterproductive to U.A.E. peace and stability.”

Both countries have been blocking access to free movies and TV.

The United States also wants the United Nations to ban “any film or television service that violates the UCD/SUN Charter or its related conventions,” according to a draft resolution published Tuesday by the UPD Group, a non-profit group based in Switzerland.

China, which hosts the UAN in Shanghai, has said it will not block U.K.-based Netflix because of its support for free expression.

“This is an international treaty, so we don’t interfere in domestic affairs,” China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Tuesday.

U.S.-based movie theaters, however, have faced an uphill battle in China.

In November, China shut down the only remaining U.P. theater in the country, citing a “code of conduct” violation that includes “unethical behavior.”

China also has a history of restricting foreign film imports, but the country’s current crackdown on online movie piracy may make it tougher for American filmmakers to get a U.U.N.-approved movie release.

There are also other restrictions on foreign media outlets that provide U.F.O. content, including China’s state media, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and even foreign-language websites that allow Chinese users to watch films and TV programs on the Internet.

As a result, U.M. is urging theaters to be on the lookout for any content deemed “counter-productive” to UCD peace and security and “improvised or harmful.”

“If you want to be able to make a movie, you have to be willing to make it for free,” said Jeff S. Hochberg, managing director of the Uppsala-based UPD group.

It’s unclear whether China or other countries will block the release of new U.B.E.-produced movies.

If the UB.

A., a new movie that features a Chinese actress playing a Chinese character, does not get a release, it would likely face a lawsuit from a UPD member, said Hochback.

But for now, the UU, UPD, and other U.W. media outlets will have to rely on what they’ve been able to get their hands on so far.

“I think that’s the way it should be,” said Hachtsman.

Follow USA TODAY movie and TV reporter Nick Giambruno on Twitter: @nickgregiambruno.

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