What is the future of TV in 2019?

Updated July 14, 2019 07:15:52Afdah is a mobile application that allows people to watch free movies on the go.

The app was launched in 2018 and has more than 1.6 million users, but the company is now looking to expand its reach.

The company’s founder and CEO, Mohammed Sada, recently said that Afdah has more users than YouTube, and he wants to “take this to the next level”.

Sada told the Associated Press news agency that Afadah’s goal is to create an app that users can “watch videos on their phone” and to “bring more users in and help them become more engaged with the entertainment”.

“There is no doubt that this is a game changer in terms of how people watch and consume content,” he said.

“Afdahs goal is the one that everybody can achieve with the right app, and I think we can have an impact with our apps.”

AfdAH has more apps than YouTube.

Users can search for free movies by city, genre, director, star or title, and they can browse and download them.

Afdahl said that he hopes to make Afdahs app accessible to all.

“We hope that people will use our app as an alternative to YouTube,” he added.

“YouTube is very popular, and we want to share our experience with the people, and with the world.

We want to create a service where people will enjoy our content, and also share with others, in the same way they share with us.”

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