What is the difference between a bubble and a bubblegum?

When I was a kid, I didn’t get the concept of a bubble.

When I started talking to other kids in the neighborhood, I started to realize how important it is for kids to know about the difference.

It’s not like you can pick a bubble gum and put it in your mouth.

If you want a bubble, you have to get a bubble to come out.

A bubble is a little plastic thing that pops out when you open it.

If it’s not a bubble you can still get gum in your teeth, but a bubble is so hard to swallow that you’re going to swallow the bubble when you swallow it.

And when you don’t, it’s like having a big mouth.

You’re not going to be able to swallow it all.

But if you know about bubbles, you can go into the bubble and start to pick it up.

The more you understand about them, the easier it is to get into them and to have fun with them.

The difference between bubbles and gums is not the shape of the bubble.

It is the size of the gum that it is.

When you put your tongue in, the gum is bigger than the bubble, and that’s it.

When kids have a bubble in their mouth, the mouth gets bigger.

It gets bigger because you can’t swallow the gum in that bubble.

The shape of a gum also determines how it will behave when you chew it.

It will have a larger shape because it’s made of gum, and when you try to chew the gum with your teeth you are going to take some of the air out of it.

But when you put it into your mouth, you’re not getting the air.

It becomes a little bit softer.

That’s when you know that it’s really soft.

It has a softer texture, too.

When a bubble pops out, it looks like a bubble because it has a different texture.

When the gum sticks to your tongue, the bubbles are softer.

You know that when you take a bubble from the bubble it’s going to make a big hole.

When that happens, the bubble is going to break off and fall on your mouth in a big mess.

It makes you feel really bad, because you’re holding on to the bubble so hard and you don,t want to swallow what’s in there.

If there’s a bubble underneath the gum, it will stick to it, and the gum will pop out.

It breaks off and falls onto your mouth as well.

And the bubbles have to break through the gum to get to your teeth.

But they also have a different shape.

When there’s no gum behind the bubble (which is what happens when you eat bubble gum), the gum stays in the bubble just like a normal bubble.

So when you are chewing a bubble with your mouth the gum has to break away and go into your teeth and stick to your toothbrush.

And if the gum doesn’t stick to the brush, then it’s a gum bubble.

If the gum breaks off, it falls to the ground and the bubble pops up.

So it’s the shape that determines the way the gum feels in your chewing mouth.

I can’t think of any other way to put it.

So there you go.

I think that’s a pretty good explanation for the difference, right?

If you were really interested, I’d love to hear from you.

If not, that’s okay too.

We just need to learn how to read bubbles, too, so you can enjoy the fun you’re having with your gum when you’re with your friends.

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