Netflix has a ‘secret’ list of UK-based movies available to watch online

Netflix has started allowing UK-registered movie streaming services to stream in its UK library.

Netflix has been one of the internet’s biggest players in the UK market, with nearly 30 million UK users.

However, it is one of only a handful of services that can currently stream in the country.

“Netflix is working to stream all its UK content online for UK subscribers, as part of our global strategy to bring more people to Netflix,” Netflix said in a blog post.

“Our aim is to deliver the best possible experience for UK customers.”

Netflix has previously announced it will allow streaming of its content in its own UK library by the end of the year.

But the company has not said when the feature will be rolled out to UK customers.

The company also said it would provide more details about the feature on Friday.

Netflix is offering its UK customers the option to opt in to the Netflix Instant video service, but only those who have Netflix Prime subscription will be able to watch the streaming video service in the coming weeks.

This will mean some users who are on a Netflix Prime membership and have subscribed to a Netflix service before, will no longer be able do so, Netflix said.

“We’ve made it easier for our UK customers to enjoy our service, including by providing them with more details on the new streaming option coming to Netflix UK, including how many hours of video streaming they can access per month and when they can expect to see their content,” Netflix added.

“As a result, we’ve increased the number of hours of streaming to 100 hours per month for UK users and will continue to increase that to 200 hours per year, as we move towards the goal of 1 billion hours of Netflix content available to UK users by the time of launch in March 2018.”

Netflix added it had “no plans” to roll out a feature like the one it is offering in the US.

“For US customers, we will be working with the content providers to make sure that we have the right support for their needs, which we expect to be in place by the second quarter of 2018,” Netflix wrote.

“It’s important to note that we’ve always been careful about making any changes that would compromise Netflix’s business, and we will continue that care and concern for US customers.”

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