How to get your life back: ‘The Expendables’ 2 movie trailer

The Expendables 2 has arrived in cinemas across the world, but we want to know what the first movie did.

The first film’s director, Tim Miller, has spoken out about the sequel, and its first trailer has now been released.

Miller says the sequel will be a lot different from the first, but its story will be similar.

He also revealed that there are two main characters.

The director has said he had no time to re-watch the first film, but the new trailer reveals there are more to the plot.

He has also said the sequel is set in 2025, which is the year the first one was made.

There are two major characters in the sequel: a military man and a cop.

He says he is not sure which of the two will end up taking over the business.

“I can’t tell you who will be the first to take over the empire,” Miller said.

The first was a very successful film. “

This is an entirely new empire, but it’s also very much like the first,” he added.

“The first was a very successful film.

It was a global phenomenon, with great fan bases and the people that made it loved it.

The second is a very different kind.

It’s just about an entire country that’s just sort of lost their minds.”

What’s the deal with ‘The Empire Strikes Back’?

The sequel will have a different focus, according to Miller.

The first movie was about the US taking over China, but in this sequel there is also an American presence.

“There are a lot of things going on, and a lot is happening that will not be seen in the first.

There will be some things that will happen that are going to make people question what we did and what we’re going to do,” Miller told the Irish Independent.”

I think the first ones will be very popular, but I think it’s important to remember there are some things new, some things not so much.”‘”

I think that the story of the original trilogy will have some things in common with the sequel.

I think the first ones will be very popular, but I think it’s important to remember there are some things new, some things not so much.”‘

The Empire’ sequel will follow the same script as the first installment, with the US in charge of Earth.

Miller also revealed there will be new characters in The Expendable 2.

“All the characters are new.

The military man, the cop, the civilian, the mayor of London, all of them are new,” Miller revealed.”

I like to do things that surprise people.””

A lot of them will be played by women, and that’s something I think is going to surprise people.

I like to do things that surprise people.”

The new film will be released on September 12.

WATCH: ‘Empire Strikes Back’ 2 trailer: The story behind the filmThe second trailer, which has already been released, shows off some new scenes.

It also confirms that the movie will have at least two characters.

Miller said there is a major new character called Caesar, who was first introduced in the trailer.

The director has also hinted that he is going back to the 1960s.

“What we have here is a much more advanced version of the character.

We’ll see him at a much later point in his life,” he said.”

He’s going to be very much a modern character.

He’s not going to look like the old Caesar.”‘

Empire’ sequel is scheduled for release on September 19.

WATCH MORE: The Expendablity 2: How to watch it onlineNow that the trailer has been released we have to wait and see how the new movie will go down.

But we are definitely excited to see more.

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