A ‘free movie’ maker makes money from the sale of free jap movies in India

A ‘freemium’ movie maker in India has made money by selling “free” movies.

The Free Movie Maker, based in New Delhi, makes films on demand, with the intention of making money from it.

The company’s director, Raju, said he was making a living off the sale and that he had no plans to quit.

Raju said that most of his customers were students or people who had gone abroad for university.

He said the company had received hundreds of orders in recent months, with most of them from young people.

“We’ve got a group of people that have made over Rs 20,000 (Rs 4,000) in their first month, and we have a group that have paid over Rs 50,000,” Raju said.

Roju said he has received orders from over 500 students in the last two weeks, and said that he hoped to open up a branch in Mumbai.

Rupinder Bhatia, a film maker and a filmmaker based in Delhi, said that the company’s clients ranged from people who wanted to be able to watch movies without paying, to those who wanted a cheap version of a movie.

“Most of our customers are in their 20s or 30s,” Bhatity said.

“It’s not a huge business.

I hope to get them involved with the business.

It would be a good way to make money.

It’s not easy to start from scratch.”

Rupit Bhatya is the founder of the Free Movie maker.Source: AP

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